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It’s never easy saying         “goodbye”

It is never easy saying goodbye to a loved one. So often we are distanced in place from our memories and those we love. Memento Mori can help us deal with loss and eventually when the time is right, give us a focus for memories of good times.

What began with the Victorians has continued to today  and become a popular choice to remember loved ones and can provide comfort in the months and years after  bereavement.

Jewellery containing cremains od loved ones has become popular but because of the unchanging nature of glass  and its strength and durability compared to other  mediums, it can be so much more.

Our services

We  can help you create a bespoke touchstone of comfort for you,  which will let you keep your loved one close no matter where you are in the world, at a fraction of the cost of the large commercial companies. 

Patrington Glass Fusion makes a variety of items for both men and women from jewellery to sun-catchers , small paperweights, and sculptural pieces which are free standing. If your loved one  is cremated, then cremains can be included, though they don’t have to be.

Multiple items such as token hearts can be created for mourners at a celebration of life or a memorial. 

Whatever your needs, it all begins with a no obligation, no pressure consultation, where all options can be discussed.  We will do our best to help you create a fitting memorial at this, the most challenging of times. 

Memorial Jewellery

Unless you request otherwise your item will be made of a cabochon of  fine quality dichroic glass which  comes in a rainbow of colours. 


All jewellery will be mounted on sterling silver in a secure manner (no glue on the bails). Pendants can be simple with a pierced bail and chain or encased in a silver bezel setting.

Rings are similar but always encased in a bezel setting. Sizes will vary from a small stacking ring type to a large, statement piece. All rings will be created after a ring sizing. 


Brooches and tie pins may be available. 

Snuggle Hearts,  Suncatchers and Sculpture pieces

Snuggle hearts are an ideal option for those people who might want to commission a memento for several members at once - grand children, siblings etc… 

They can include Cremains or not. They are available in a wide range of colours. 

They can also be a touching item to give to mourners at the celebration of life, with a favoured verse or prayer. 

Because there is no precious metal they are affordable too.  Prices for snuggle hearts start at  £7 each for a memorial piece.

Cremain suncatchers start at £25
Jewelery from £45


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