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Lynn Massey-Davis

This site gives examples of the unique items I have joy in creating. If you see something you like and want something similar for yourself or another, please contact me to discuss details, prices and timescales.


I have been interested in sparkly glass since for ever but probably because I have always loved stained glass and rainbows.

A few years ago I ran a project in the school where I taught  psychology and sociology to raise funds for a "school in a box" to go to Uganda. A group of girls and I repurposed jewellery and sold it. We raised £120. Then a colleague in DT introduced me to a wide range of jewellery making techniques including enamel and hot pot fusing and I was hooked. I started off by making small items of fused glass jewellery and then in 2018 I bought a decent secondhand kiln and invested in my training.

I now have 4  kilns (serious addiction!) and a properly equipped studio where I make a much wider range of art objects and home wares for sale. 

Along the way I managed to acquire some  basic silversmith skills and do mad things with spoons and  also design bespoke pieces which incorporate my glass work.


I love a challenge but hate production-line making. I take my inspiration from the beautiful countryside and coast of East Yorkshire where I live with my husband and too many animals.

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